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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Satellite space segment


Experienced Innovation

Telinsol works in partnership with our clients to build bespoke solutions to provide cost-effective and highly efficient connectivity systems to provide secure, high-speed communications.


We offer dedicated satellite segments available to lease for your own application, tailored to meet your requirements.


Dedicated satellite channels with flexible power and bandwidth channels support relay data and IP traffic through your private network. Telinsol works with our clients to implement the optimum service for your needs:


  • Operation power between 36dBW-48dBW for spot beam power and bandwidth systems 

  • Operation power between 20dBW-33dBW for regional beam power and bandwidth systems


Our facilities support:

  • User specific functionality

  • Mobile communications applications

  • Pt-to-Mpt applications 

  • Differential GPS operations

  • Geo location operations

  • Military sparse mode operations

Offshore VSAT


Advanced Communication

Every business requires advanced internet communication, and we work with off-shore and maritime clients to ensure their facilities are always high performance. 


Our broadband internet via satellite communications packages provides efficient, high-speed connectivity worldwide.

Secure satellite broadband offers internet access on a number of platforms as best fits your business requirements, location and sector, including:

  • iDirect - SCPC & TDMA

  • SCPC

  • DVB-S2

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of expert advice and support in ensuring you have the best solutions in place with a service level to match. 

Broadcasting service


Dynamic Transmissions

Telinsol provides media network solutions to support broadcasting services for clients around the world.

With bespoke management systems and integrated transmissions, we ensure that our clients can broadcast and receive high-speed data, either live or on-demand, in even the most remote of locations.

Our team understands how critical media network solutions are to modern business, and the challenges and demands of implementing efficient and reliable systems in remote locations, such as off-shore premises and in maritime industries. 

Broadcasting systems are designed to seamlessly support your business, including:

  • Live and on-demand data contribution & distribution

  • Audio and video content

  • SNG systems 

  • Data streaming solutions

  • Uplink & downlink facilities

  • Data management platforms

Maritime Service UK


Efficient Infrastructure

We work with maritime clients throughout Europe and the Middle East to install custom MVSAT services with packages to suit every range of telecommunications requirements. 

Our VSAT broadband satellite communications services deliver the high-speed and efficient service your business demands.

Telinsol works with our clients to design and install the communications packages best suited to your business needs and environment. We are able to deliver both regional and global coverage, with package options including:

  • Two-way ship-to-shore telecommunications

  • GSM services

  • Video on demand 

  • VoIP and SIP facilities

  • Fax services 

Interested in getting advice from an experienced and professional Engineer? Call us today and see what I can do for you.

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