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VSAT Equipment


Full Spectrum VSAT Equipment

The team at Telinsol are highly experienced in the sourcing, supply and installation of excellent quality satellite communications equipment and systems. We are committed to delivering the optimum solutions for your communication needs and can advise and recommend equipment and satellite systems to clients in markets worldwide. 

Every unit of equipment we supply is thoroughly and rigorously tested to ensure it meets our demanding quality assurance specifications and is accompanied by a supporting warranty to ensure your installations exceed your expectations. 

Equipment solutions are always tailored to our client's requirements, to ensure that the unique needs of every business are met, and include:

  • Satellite modems

  • VSAT antennas

  • High-Frequency Satcom Antennas

  • Block Upconverters

  • Transceivers

  • Complete turnkey iDirect solutions

  • Satellite internet service hardware

  • Satellite RF Receivers

We are proud to work with the leading brands and manufacturers of satellite communication equipment, allowing Telinsol to offer a diverse and extensive catalogue of equipment, replacement parts, spares and components suitable for the exacting requirements of clients in a wide range of sectors.

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