Satellite Imagery & Remote Sensing
Towards Sustainable and Profitable Agriculture 

Cost Effective, Profitable, Sustainable 

In 2020 the UK introduced a transition roadmap towards sustainable and profitable farming whilst improving the environment and reducing carbon emissions by 2028.

Satellite imagery and remote sensing can help farmers to achieve this target by using high-resolution satellite images and data processing to control and monitor the farm fields. However, accessing this information is not easy for farmers. Moreover, the lack of integrated services in the market makes it unattainable for the industry. 

Telinsol will integrate technology, data and agricultural science to enable farmers to easily access a bespoke expert report on a subscription basis through cooperating with UK farming community groups and the next generation of farmers.


We want farmers to have easy access to high-end technology

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Remote sensing (RS) technologies provide a diagnostic tool that can serve as an early warning system, allowing the agricultural community to intervene early on to counter potential problems before they spread widely and negatively impact crop productivity


What is Remote Sensing?

Examining the Crops
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  • England, Wales and Scotland farm fields.

  • Cereal fields only.

  • Minimum one hectare.

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