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Research Agricultural Engineer (Research Associate)

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United Kingdom

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About the Role

Contributes to experimental planning, implementation, and documentation of research following objectives outlined by the lead scientist.
Participates as a team member with the lead scientist in research and assumes responsibility for specific projects.
Independently acquires and analyses satellite data products for plot, field, and basin-scale quantification of agricultural water use and water resources management.
Programs and calibrates integrated hydrologic-soil-crop water models that utilise field data and remote-sensing data products


This position requires a Ph.D. in agricultural engineering, water resource engineering, plant science, agronomy, hydrology or a related field of study that has equipped the applicant with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.
Examples of qualifying knowledge, skills and/or abilities include: Knowledge of water management principles and practices including surface and groundwater hydrology, crop-requirements, physics and thermodynamics of evapotranspiration; Knowledge of higher level programming languages such as Matlab, Python, R, or similar. Experience using geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze spatial data; Ability to locate, organize, and adapt information from published literature for use as guidelines for new procedures; Skill to interpret and document findings and prepare segments of manuscripts or reports summarizing progress or results of a project; Ability to make oral presentations of research in progress and research results; Knowledge of safe laboratory and field procedures. Skill to collaborate with teams on laboratory and field research
Desirable: Basic knowledge of instrumentation and electronics to select, assemble, operate, and maintain automated data collection systems; Knowledge of methods and the selection and use of equipment and instrumentation to measure soil water status, plant water use, and irrigation water applications.

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